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Strand of Oaks: Spacestation

Mixing Strand of Oaks was very exciting for me because I really liked this song when I first heard it. On the first listen it was pretty clear for me in which direction i want to take this song. The lyrics and the feel of the song pointed me into one direction. I wanted to create the feeling of flying to the space station, orbit around it and fly away at the end. Listen to the synth in the intro. I used flanging and phasing effects and faded the song in and out. I also automated the pan of the synth reverb to create a moving effect. I left the drums pretty much mono to act as the fixed center which was the space station for me. Listen for the delays on the vocal. My goal was to create the illusion of shooting stars passing by. I really like that effect.

Spacestation was great fun mixing. The song is taken from Weathervane Musics project Shaking Through.

Go ahead and listen to the original mix and my mix:

My Mix

Go ahead and listen to my mix. Let me know what you think:

Original Mix

This is how the original mix of the song sounds:

A look behind the curtain:

I invite you to take a look behind the scenes and enlarge this ProTools screenshot to see how I have approached my mix.

Strand of Oaks – Spacestation, mix by Premium Blend Mixing

About the Artist:

Strand of Oaks is the rock project by songwriter and producer Timothy Showalter. Originally from Indiana, he currently resides in Philadelphia. His music classifies with the genres rock and folk music, or folk rock. If you want to learn more about him, check out these websites:


All Photos, Covers & Music kindly provided and copyright by Strand of Oaks and Weathervane Music.