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Northern Arms: Tear Me Away

The song „Tear me away“ was taken from the Shaking Through project of Weathervane Music. It is a powerful song that got to me pretty quickly. The singer has a voice that reminded me of David Bowie in the lower register and Tom Jones when he is going into the upper register with a lot of power. The drums and the piano is what drives this song in my opinion so I concentrated on that at the beginning and tried to get a good balance. The song has a vintage vibe to it so I added a little tape hiss at the beginning and end. The big drum sound plays a major role in this song it took quite a while to get it to sound right. Listen to the reverb on the big drums. I wanted them to sound big but far away.

The strings and the brass made the most troubles but I managed to put them nicely into the mix so that they are not to overpowering but still in there right place.

The lyrics inspired me to do that filtered vocal ending. It fits the song perfectly.

My Mix

Go ahead and listen to my mix. Let me know what you think:

Original Mix

This is how the original mix of the song sounds:

A look behind the curtain:

I invite you to take a look behind the scenes and enlarge this ProTools screenshot to see how I have approached my mix.

Northern Arms – Tear Me Away, mix by Premium Blend Mixing

About the Artist:

Northern Arms is a band from Philadelphia, USA. Check out these links to learn more about them:


All Photos, Covers & Music kindly provided and copyright by Northern Arms and Weathervane Music.