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Clement Jacques: La Première

Mixing this song was great fun. When I first opened up the session it was pretty straightforward. Drums, heavy guitars and a few differently processed vocal tracks. The way the different vocal tracks were laid out in the session when I first opened it inspired me to do the intro that I did. With that intro, the song now also needed a different ending in order to achieve a balanced arrangement. The original ending was a bit to abrupt for me. Mixing and blending the different processed vocal tracks at the beginning and ending of the song was a challenge but I think it all turned out great in the end.

Listen for the reversed reverb in the intro and outro. Hear the subtle pumping of the guitar on the left side and the compression of the drums, the guitars and the vocals:

My Mix

If you are interested in what the original mix does sound like, you may finde it here.


All Photos, Covers & Music kindly provided and copyright by Clement Jaques and Sphere Éditions/Edition Gestion Son Image.

A look behind the curtain:

I invite you to take a look behind the scenes and enlarge this ProTools screenshot to see how I have approached my mix.

Clement Jaques - La Première, mix by Premium Blend Mixing

About the Artist:

Clement Jacques is an artist from Montreal, Canada. Check out these websites to learn more about him:

Clement Jacques